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House Paint Maintenance Guide

HousePaintMaintenancePainting a house is one of the biggest investments a person can make in terms of money, effort, and time. Exterior paint jobs not only give a property aesthetic value, but also safeguards the home from the environment. And like any other investment, the house must be preserved and maintained.

Here are some important tips to ensure that the exterior paint remains in tiptop condition:

Keep Mold & Mildew at Bay

Most painted surfaces accumulate molds and mildew. An easy way to reduce this is to use household bleach solutions. Simply apply a drenched, stiff scrub brush, allowing the space to remain wet for 20 minutes.

Eliminating Dirt

Dust particles, especially in humid environments, not only reduce the aesthetic appeal of the exterior but also reduce the lifespan of the paint. A good method of removing dirt from painted surfaces is by using a pressure washer. Be careful not to use too much pressure, this can result in damage to the paint.

Dealing with Permanent Markers

Unfortunately, marks can be extremely difficult and tedious to remove. Liquid solutions may be best for cleaning these troublesome areas. If the problem persists, try using abrasive material to scrape the area and then reapply the paint.

For Dents and Scratches

Since they leave a permanent mark on the surface material, the first step is to make sure to smooth and level the surface area with abrasive paper. It is important to be consistent with paint type.

Use the Three-Coat System

A general rule of thumb is to use three coats to protect the exterior from exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow. Start painting the surface with a high-quality primer, and follow it up with two coats of the paint chosen. These three layers will become the best safeguard against everything Mother Nature dishes out for years to come.