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Brief Guide to Deck and Porch Repair and Maintenance

DeckPorchMaintenanceNot only do decks and porches add comfort to your life, they also improve the aesthetic view and value of your home. However, these areas are highly susceptible to the effects of weather wear. To keep these areas enjoyable and beautiful, regular maintenance is required.

For those who want to keep their decks and porches in top-notch condition, here are some valuable guidelines.

Deck Maintenance and Repair

To maintain your deck here are a few tips:

  • Wash the deck to remove any dust or debris that accumulates.
  • Reattach any boards that are loose. This can be done by removing loose nails using a cat’s paw or hammer.  Then use slightly larger screws to rescuer the board.
  • Repairing split or rotten boards is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. Start by removing the old board. Using material of the same quality measure and cut a new piece to the same length and install the new material in place of the old. After a couple of weeks if the new piece doesn’t look level, use a belt sander to smooth it down.
  • Sealing the deck with oil-based paint or stain with high ultraviolet protection will keep it beautiful and extend its life. Many paints are also now available in a fade and mildew resistant formula as well.
  • Ensure that all joist hanger nails are secure. Remove and replace loose nails with screws if necessary.
  • Checks for rot due to moisture on support posts. Replace as necessary with pressure treated lumber.
  • For wobbly decks, Install a diagonal brace running from one corner to another. This will add stability.
  • Porch Maintenance and Repair

    Porches are often used to provide entrance to a residence and as a sitting area. Ensure the comfort of your outdoor living space by:

    1. Regularly checking your porch for rot, decay, and termite infestation. Replace any structural components with pressure-treated lumbers. These lumbers have ingredients such as alkaline copper quat (ACQ) and copper azoleto (type-B) to repel termites and decay.
    2. If the decking is damaged replace the damaged section with the same material. There are many products used for porches allowing them to last longer and look elegant. Some of the most common are:
      • Western Red Cedar:  This soft, reddish brown wood holds up well in heat, cold, sun and rain.
      • Redwood: Like cedar, it ages to a pleasing gray. It has the ability to resist rotting.
      • Mahogany: A tropical hardwood that is tight-grained and resists pests and rot.
      • Mock Lumber: An alternative to wood, it includes plastic and wood polymer composites. It is virtually bug and rot proof.
    3. Applying stains, sealers, or paint to protect from harmful ultraviolet rays and fading. This will increase the life span and durability2. Applying stains, sealers, or paint to protect from harmful ultraviolet rays and fading. This will increase the life span and durability.