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7 Effective Ideas to Redecorate your Deck and Porch


Porches and decks symbolize comfort and joy. The porch welcomes you to your home, whereas the deck lets you relieve stress and enjoy leisure time spent alone or with trusted others.

So, both deserve attention and care, and could benefit from a makeover to keep them looking fresh. When it comes to decorating your deck and porch, the possibilities are limitless. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ideas to redecorate these spaces and transform them into something spectacular.

#1 Pick a Theme, It does Wonders

A total makeover requires a guiding principle, like a yardstick that would allow you to make informed decisions and ensure that all the items are synchronized with each other. With a theme, it becomes easier to ensure that everything, from flooring to furniture and the accent pieces that add character, are always in tune.

Furthermore, themes are a great way of expressing yourself and adding that wow to your space. Themes can be seasonal or related to social events and may be changed often to keep things interesting and fresh.

#2 Be Creative with the Lighting and Shades

Lighting directly affects the ambiance of your porch and deck, as well as the mood of the people present. With a little imagination and creativity, putting up lamps or even candles in the appropriate places can drastically change the overall look. Under-lit and over-lit areas can appear either too gloomy or interrogating, respectively. Choose your effects wisely.

#3 Plants In or Out

Plants are natural and bring substance to your deck or porch. They are attractive, pleasant to look at, and can induce positive thinking and a fresh atmosphere. So add some greenery in your area.

#4 Furniture and Amenities

The furniture and other items like cushions and hanging baskets can be your ideal method of creating a lasting impression. Portable fountains with a circulating loop or even artwork can be used to stand out. By all means, go all out.

#5 Flooring and the Right Materials

The floor carries a lot more value to your porch and deck than most other elements combined. Flooring can be cement or wood, suiting requirements flawlessly. Some recommended materials are listed as follows:

  • Western Red Cedar:  This soft, reddish-brown wood holds up well in heat, cold, sun and rain.
  • Redwood: Like cedar, it ages to a pleasing gray. It has the ability to resist rotting.
  • Mahogany: A tropical hard wood that is tight-grained and resists pests and rot.
  • Mock Lumber: An alternative to wood, it includes plastic and wood polymer composites. It is virtually bug and rot proof.

#6 Paints, Stains, and UV Protection

When it comes to paint it’s important to know the difference between indoor and outdoor paints. As porch and decks are more susceptible to the elements, they require extensive care from wind, humidity, rain, snow and sunlight.

Applying a primer tinted to a light gray (covers well with most colors) and then two (2) coats of the color you have chosen to paint or stain which will give the deck or porch longer time between maintenance paintings.  Using the best materials and maintain you deck or porch will keep the water and snow out of the wood and protect from the strong UV rays of the sun.

Stain comes in the same colors as paint when using solid stain but if you decide to use a translucent stain it will bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Be sure to use a product intended for your application though. All stains will protect your wood and have about 2-3 year time span before considering adding another coat.  Remember maintenance costs less than replacement and you can enjoy it much more when you know it is protected and looks great.

#7 Privacy and Access to Areas

To make your outdoor space more personal and private, construct paths and obstruct views with vegetation, outdoor walls, or water features.